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Saturday, February 25, 2012

El Camino

Amy and I decided to explore some parts of Noblesville we hadn't been before and found El Camino on 10th street. We had heard good things about this Mexican restaurant and so decided to give it a try.

We went on a rainy Thursday night, so the place wasn't very crowded. We were immediately seated and given chips and salsa. The salsa was slightly watered down compared to many other Mexican restaurants I'd been to. The chips were great...nice and hot. The decor was the typical Mexican murals on the walls and the booths were pretty dated. The restaurant was well staffed however since it wasn't very crowded it made it awkward with so many employees standing around the kitchen door. I suppose it's better than the opposite of having slow service.

It's hard to turn down a margarita, no matter how cold it is outside! Amy ordered a regular strawberry frozen margarita and I had a original frozen margarita, both were made with golden tequila. Both were tasty, with a good consistency of alcohol and mix.

I ordered the steak quesadilla with no peppers.  As you can see from the picture, the tortilla was filled with steak, onion, and cheese goodness. My only complaint was the onions needed to be cut thinner. I take issue anytime a filling is bigger than the main ingredient. The dish came with a large handful of lettuce and a small dollop of guacamole. I'm a big guac fan, so I wish there was a larger serving here. For some reason there was this random tomato slice placed next to the guac. I didn't see what role this played in the meal but there it sat.

Amy had the fajita burrito which was filled with grilled chicken. She loved it! Amy said it was so nice to have truly grilled chicken that wasn't dry. Her dish also was accompanied by very fresh lettuce. No complaints with the fajita burrito.

One thing we each noticed was the silverware. Just trying to cut a piece of steak or chicken bent the handle of the silverware. This was some of the cheapest flatware I've been given at a restaurant.

Although I was critical of some elements of El Camino, Amy and I will definitely be back.

Rating: 8.6/10

797 S 10th Street
Noblesville, IN

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