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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Local Eatery and Pub

Amy and I decided to try some place new this weekend and looked at Urbanspoon to find the closest place to where we were at the time. The Local Eatery & Pub seemed interested so we headed over. It was a little before 6pm so there was not much of a crowd but the decorations and 'local' feel was nice. They have a minimalist vibe with some flat screen TVs showing ESPN. The drink menu was pretty creative, it was printed on light brown paper put in a clipboard. It's nice touches like this that I really like about local establishments.

While looking over the menu we noticed The Local seemed to be known for their beef tongue cheese steak. If we were to go back, I think I'd give it a try. I went with the pulled pork sandwich with their homemade BBQ sauce. The water described it as a more vinegar-based sauce with a pretty good kick to it. I was really happy to see they had tatter tots as a side options, not that I'm a huge tater tot fan but you don't see them on many menus. The pulled pork was good with a nice size portion of pork. The sauce was a little more spicy than I'd prefer but overall it was enjoyable.

Amy loves gyros, so once she saw the chicken gyro on the menu she was done looking. She said the chicken was a little bland since the kitchen had put a herb rub was placed on the chicken breast prior to being cooked, so once it was cut into cubes (which isn't traditionally how a gyro is made) most of the chicken was unseasoned. She also said there was slightly pickled cucumber instead of lettuce.

Overall, we had a good experience and the waitstaff was very attentive.

Rating: 8/10

The Local Eatery and Pub
14655 North Gray Road
Westfield, IN 46062

The Local Eatery and Pub on Urbanspoon

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